Student Ministries

A grotto is: “a small cave, the kind of place where you feel comfortable, cozy, and protected from the harsh realities outside.”

That’s what we seek to be for everyone that comes! Whether it’s a place to hang out or a place to get cozy with the Word of God, we want to be that for you!

  • Grotto Hangout

    Wednesday after school until youth group at 6, students are invited to come to the Grotto @ 318 West St. in Neillsville to hang out and have some fun together!


    Middle & High School students meet every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Grotto @ 318 West St. in Neillsville

    Sunday School

    Sundays at Living Hope Church (7 Fairground Ave, Neillsville) we have a time to focus on the Bible and talk about its application in students’ lives. We are currently going through the Old Testament one book a week utilizing the Bible Project’s book overview videos as a guide.